October 2, 2022
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BLINK™ is uprising star coming from KY. After recently dropping a project titled “Peace Of Mind” on February 28th, BLINK™ is looking forward to elevating not only his position in the game but his musical abilities as well.

Focusing mostly on Hip-Hop, BLINK™ however cannot be “put in a box” as he is versatile in delivery as you can hear in a few songs from the EP that project melodic harmonies and undertones.

BLINK™ is on radio rotation with the tracks – “Need More” and “Plug Talk (CALI)”.

Stay tuned to keep up with BLINK™ & be the first to hear the new sounds as they come! Be sure to follow BLINK™ on social media as well.

Connect with BLINK™:
www.Instagram.com/itsblink__ or @itsblink__
www.Twitter.com/itsblink__ or @itsblink__

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