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Buffalo Mend is a band from the western United States whose songs are a mix of rock/folk/blues. All songs and lyrics are written by Zac Bench. Here’s what reviewer Stereo Stickman had to say about the project: “Zac Bench fronts the uniquely expressive, blues-kissed, lo-fi soul-fuzz that is Buffalo Mend – a band who launched their brand new 19 track album this very February. What’s great about an album like this, is that it captures a precise creative process. You can let the music fill the room and simply go about your own day with faith that it will keep the mood. Or, if you choose to, you can dig a little deeper, and really listen, and a whole world of ideas and poetic stories emerge – giving the playlist a thousand more reasons to stand the test of time.”

Buffalo Mend is on radio rotation with the tracks “The Exodus” and “Cowboys”.

Buffalo Mend new album is out called Center Street … There is a whole album to explore…

Here are the links to the album: SPOTIFYAPPLE MUSIC

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