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LOS ANGELES, CA – There’s perhaps never been a more opportune time for a single  like “Discos on 8tracks” than now. After the pandemic in which so many people have felt an overwhelming heaviness, West Coast artist Bunny Daniels wants to offer the world something unexpected and empowering. You can hear this for yourself in her single “Discos on 8tracks” where she’s encouraging everyone to love themselves a little more and shake off any dusty exes that no longer serves them.

“I’m always operating in an abundance mindset so anything that doesn’t serve me I fully release, much like an 8track- which I’m sure can only be found now in the corner of a thrift shop” Bunny said. “I told my dad about my recent breakup, and he said “That boy is like Discos on 8tracks he’s played out”. Bunny took her dad’s advice to heart and made the ultimate breakup song for the year. Bunny explains “It’s not always easy getting over a heartbreak but it does feel so much better to sing and dance it off”.


Like many iconic singers of our time and generations past, Ms. Bunny Daniels started singing in church at a young age. Her mother was a choir member and would bring Bunny to choir practice regularly. As a result, Bunny got her opportunity to join the choir at a relatively young age. When they encouraged her to sing lead on a song in her teenage years, the experience was so overwhelmingly positive Bunny decided to make music her career and hasn’t looked back since.

Overtime she worked hard to craft her signature sound with the goal of becoming known for creating and singing melodies that are different from what’s being heard in the music industry today. Her fresh sound seamlessly blends elements of Pop, R&B, and Gospel into one. Bunny said. “Ultimately I want my music to make people feel good. That’s what I want to be remembered for. Music is my escape and I want to share my paradise” As Bunny has grown as a music artist, she also discovered a broader range to her entertaining talents. While experiencing success as a musician, she has also had success as an actor and a dancer. Bunny has performed on Broadway and was a featured singer, dancer, and actress on Sesame Street Live. Most recently, Bunny booked her first role in a feature film this year.  She is a “Quadruple threat”, Sing, Dance, Act and Writes. As for music she arranges and sings all vocals on her tracks and is versatile in terms of different music genres.







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