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Byron Major is a Singer-Songwriter whose music takes on elements from Motown to Alternative R&B and Soul.  You can clearly hear the musical influences of Prince, John Lennon, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder in his vocals and musical arrangements.

Byron has proven his prowess as a singer-songwriter-performer-producer and has performed some of his original songs alongside Grammy Award-Winning singer Paula Cole while studying at Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA), his 2016 single ‘May Flower’ caught the attention of 21 radio stations across the UK, his track “Delicious” charted for 10-weeks on college radio in South Africa, his single “Midnight Daydream” peaked at number 26 on the UK Music Week Official Club chart, “Color My World” peaked at Number 15 on the same UK Music Week chart, and Rockstar peaked at Number 1 on BBC Radio One’s Kings of Spin DJ Charts in 2018.

“Rockstar” went on to be playlisted in countries around the globe, including Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, England & USA, and to complete 2018, Byron Major’s “Summer Day” charted at number 16. At the end of 2019, Matchbox Recordings UK invited Byron to feature “Color My World” on their compilation album and the track was playlisted on London FM. In 2020, Byron Major released his EP entitled ‘Finding the Light” which aimed to bring hope and encouragement in the face of adversity.

Byron Major’s latest release “4EVERMORE”, is club-banger which promises to lift the spirits of every listener with lyrics that touch on the message of survival and the willingness to look beyond the grey clouds of life into the hope that every silver-lining brings. The production of Byron Major’s newest song will remind his fans of what made his BBC Radio One Chart-Hit, “Rockstar” a smashing success. Hope you enjoy.


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