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Chantelle du Toit (25) born on September 10th 1995. She’s a Rock/Blues singer and songwriter, Chantelle is influenced by a variety of rock bands that includes Queen, The Pretty Reckless, Miley Cyrus, and more. Her Blues/Rock inspired melodies combined with her strong vocals, and her honest and often personal lyrics are accompanied by this awe-inspiring Blues and Rock production similar to those of The Pretty Reckless and Barns Courtney.

Stuck In The Middle, is her new single that will be available from 4 March 2021. It has a strong and straightforward sound. Stuck In The Middle is about anxiety and feeling overwhelmed by emotions and even having ‘one less emotion’ would make it better.

She wrote this song hoping that you would be able to relate or feel like the song was written for you. Everyone is so connected through social media, but also so disconnected and it’s so easy to hide the things you’re struggling with. This song is the punching bag to let it out and to make you feel that other people feel like that too.

Chantelle du Toit is on radio rotation with the track ‘Stuck In The Middle’.

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