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After introducing himself with his highly-praised initial offerings ‘Frequencies’ and ‘The Connection’ earlier this year, fast-rising alt-pop artist Charlie Mat is back once again to unveil his warm and heartfelt new delight ‘The Little Birdies’. Capturing more of that sweet and dynamic direction he has been building for himself, ‘The Little Birdies’ explores another wealth of bright and alluring textures. With his light and shimmering vocal style riding along a bold and bouncing production throughout, he is quickly establishing himself as one of the more vibrant names on the rise right now.

Speaking about the origins of his new offering, he said, “If I am being honest, The Little Birdies is a love letter for my grandma who has been the first person ever to believe in me and in my musical talent. When she passed away she became my aura and my essence. Somehow when that happened it was the time when I also got into a huge depression and I got into a clinic which is where I wrote the song.”

“I was grieving in such a different way than when my father died. I was feeling all the love and just her pure essence, which was just love and understanding that if we do not help each other as a community, we will never get through life and we will never transcend as a human race.”

“Making this song was my way of dealing through this grief and a way of thanking her for all the love she gave to me. She was the first person to ever know that I was gay since I was little, I used to play dress up with her heels and some of her make up and she was the first person ever to accept me for the way I am. We decided to keep it a secret since nobody in my family was ready for me to come out, but she told me “religion doesn’t matter to me when it comes to loving my own blood, and you have taught me that love comes first in every situation”. My grandma helped me in so many ways so this whole song is her essence and her aura.”

Inspired by pop, R&B and soul, Charlie Mat is an entertainer that brings the full experience of a soulful voice and connects deeply with people throughout his lyrics. Inspired by situations throughout his life he tries to be extremely honest in every single prose so that people can connect with and see themselves in him.

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