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I Am Legend 2021 “Before the Crisis” is an inspiration of the times. A feast of electronic entrees with heavy beat mains. Dessert comes with some Soulful, R&B inspired tones and tempos. A creation of culinary genius Chef Wellz, searching for his first illusive music Michelin Star. This creation is inspired by being in lockdown in the greatest creative city in the southern hemisphere, Melbourne.

Fans and music lovers alike get a taste of Chef Wellz’s creative pedigree with his beat driven single “Wasted Moments” that infuses quirky vocal arrangements and interesting vocal sampling over speaker busting drums, which all gives this tremendous single it’s personality and its production credentials.

Chef Wellz is destined to pave his way into the music industry as one of those go to Record Producers extremely sort after, giving both established and upcoming artists that creative edge needed in an increasingly saturated industry. Whether you are still under some form of lockdown or whether you are free to roam around and enjoy your world again, you’ll want to have this eclectic album with you.

Release Available at your favorite music provider service. Use Link:

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