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UK artist, Chris Davidson, was originally signed by Jim Beach, the manager of Queen. Chris who has albums, “Hey You”, “Hopelessly Madly”, and “The Girl From Perkins Grove”, as well as various critically acclaimed singles in his catalog, collaborates with American lyricist Charles Ortleb.

Recently the two co-wrote and released the single “Song for Jann Wenner”, which was inspired by all the rock legends filling the pages of Rolling Stone magazine with their passing away. The song seeks to both mourn and celebrate at the same time. The range of music on Davidson’s recordings is simply astonishing, while the pristine production values help the songs flow together and enhance the overall listening experience.

Davidson’s neo-psychedelic type pop masterworks are even more rewarding in the long run than the short. So the more you listen, the more you’ll enjoy.

Chris Davidson, is on radio rotation with the tracks “Song for Jann Wenner” and “I Can’t Do it All” as well as:

Artist: Chris Davidson
Song: Sweet love broke my heart

Artist: Chris Davidson
Song: The girl I love loves someone else

“Song for Jann Wenner” is available on iTunesSpotifyApple MusicAmazonMP3, and all major streaming services.


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