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Clifford embraces progress, change, equity, inclusivity and diversity through the power of music. His goal is to resonate with listeners from all aspects of life. With a background firmly rooted in music, the rising star was endorsed by legendary mentor and Grammy-award winning drummer Jerome ‘Bigfoot’ Brailey. This year welcomed the arrival of a huge milestone in his career, as Jerome sent over an unfinished track for the pair to collaborate on. Jerome’s advice and support has added great value to the artists blossoming career.

Clifford’s latest affair, ‘Mariana’ serves up a cinematic and magical slice of electronica, as intergalactic motifs lay over dramatic synth flashes and a booming bassline combines with organic percussion for a track that is utterly thrilling. The foundation of the track started with the bass, followed by the drums and then chorus which was taken to new heights by Clifford’s flawless vocals. The lyrics were heavily influenced by the sound of the bass’ ‘underwater’ like quality whilst the effects in the song, except the percussion and vocals, were filtered to add to the submerging feel.

“Mariana is an analogy for deep love and making a grand gesture. From its mysteriousness to its peacefulness, its unknowns to its harmony, its dark notes to its beauty, ‘Mariana’ is a place of vulnerability. The protagonist is someone who is fed up with superficial love, and realizes they must be willing to “dive to the depths of the

ocean” to truly find the passion they’re looking for. The Mariana is an anomaly on earth, and true love can sometimes feel that way as well. Finding that one true love is scary, it requires delving into the unknown with a constant potential of getting hurt, much like diving into the Mariana.” – Clifford

The multi-faceted nature of Clifford’s discography comes from his ability to speak English, French and Arabic, with twangs of rural Maryland. Clifford mentions: “I’ve been told we use the same part of our brain to learn languages as we do music and I think that’s why both feel natural to me.”


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