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Deb Fan, the Taiwanese pop/rock singer-songwriter, was born in Hong Kong and have lived there for 18 years where she grew up singing and playing the piano and trumpet. After graduating high school she then went on to study in Chemistry at University of Rochester. After two years at Rochester, she then started pursuing Music Production & Engineering at Berklee College of Music.

She dedicated her entire childhood listening to classical music ranging from Rachmaninoff to Maria Callas. Later on in middle school, she discovered blues rock/soul and fell in love with artists and bands such as Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and Janis Joplin. Due to her exposure of many different genres, she tries to incorporate musical characteristics unique to each style into her songs.

It wasn’t until Deb got into Berklee College of Music where she picked up song-writing. Writing then became an outlet for her as a way to cope with her hardships with family, relationships, etc. Some of her favorite artists include Bishop Briggs, Panic! At The Disco, and P!nk.

Deb Fan is on radio rotation with the tracks – “The Ride” and “Not For The Colorblind”


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