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“DLT” is the new record from the artists Decian (Luís Anastássis Sarioglou Cardoso), Moraca (Miguel Moraes) and Chitas (Simão Chitas Gouveia), and it also includes a music video that promises to be memorable. After the release of their previous record (“Let It Ride”), which already counts thousands of views, the three artists come together again and try to create a unique and mesmerizing hip-hop sound with an experimental character.

Decian (@decian_j) creates the musical composition and production, creating an ideal atmosphere along with the tone and rhythm of the writing of Moraca (@eu_mermohein) and Chitas (@simaochitas). The music video (One-Shot Take) was directed by Tomás Vieira (@ tom.v.vieira) and edited (VFX) by Lars Gudmund (@larsgudm).

Within two months, “DLT” is the third major musical venture by the label, which has invested in emerging young names within the national hip-hop scene. They approach new concepts and styles, both at a lyrical level and in terms of sound.

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