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In California was written by Joe Devlin whilst he was in Los Angles after attending Burningman festival. The idea of the song came from seeing the people of LA creating various forms of art, the vibes the city gave him and the ups and downs of an artists journey.  We all want a break, a chance to tell a story through an artistic form… And this is DiMaggio Jones’s “In California Story”.

When Joe D landed back in the UK he went straight into the studio to record the song and play around with new ideas, sounds and melodies. Joe D knew what he wanted to do and say in the song. After he finished the track he got Joe Flynn in to the studio to lay the vocals down and really took the song to the next level and brought it to life.

Now DiMaggio Jones has a full line up, Joe Flynn (vocals), Joe Devlin (guitar, vocals), Ethan Holms (bass, guitar), Hugh Boyd (drums) they all so excited to be releasing a track that really tells their artistic story.


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