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Dominique Mathurin is a Haitian-American singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur. Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti to Therese Dominique and Joseph Mathurin, the Hispaniola native began singing at the tender age of two, before she had mastered the art of talking.

The adage, “The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree,” is perfectly aligned with Mathurin’s musical background. Mathurin’s mother, who was a nurse when she was a child, is a classically trained singer. Her evangelist father, a psychologist, played the accordion. She has musical siblings, too; and her stepfather is a guitarist and singer. Her talents are hailed from a lineage of family musicians and performers.

Raised in Orlando, Florida, by the time Mathurin was nine, it was undeniable, while performing, from reactions she received that she was walking in her God-given talents. However, Mathurin did not realize her dream of being a singer, fully, until sixteen when she sang at a friend’s birthday party. Not only did her audiences convince Mathurin that she had a gift, she too began to believe in herself and started taking small steps to matriculate her vision.

As a recording artist, there is so much more to Mathurin than just her beautiful voice. An avid and active humanitarian, Mathurin is CEO and founder of Family Advocates of Florida, a leading Human Service organization, in central Florida. She advocates for impoverished children and mentors youth in her local community and abroad.

Mathurin, also, largely supports children in Haiti, alongside her mother, Therese (Mathurin) Gervais. Every opportunity afforded, Mathurin works with her company, other organizations, and the people of Haiti, alongside its government to build schools in rural areas, ensure mobile clinics are possible and available and bring awareness to many causes the children in Haiti, in their country.

Dominique Mathurin is on radio rotation with the tracks “Fountain” and “Only What You Do”.

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