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Erik Jorsal is a 24 year old Australian/Danish independent singer-songwriter/producer. He has worked with up and coming artists – in 2018 in Los Angeles with Natalia Bortolotti who is known for; Americans Abroad (2019), Joana and Strangers in the Night. Erik was living in Philadelphia USA performing at local restaurants and bars. Now he is living in Las Vegas spending his time tennis coaching kids, studying in UNLV and writing/producing constantly but is still awaiting for his “big moment”. He travels the world on his time off and uses all his amazing experiences around the world and writes about them in his songs.

Erik Jorsal is on radio rotation with the track, “Lose My Sense of Time”. “This song is about how we as people tend to get caught up too much in the work life, we just wake up, go to work and go to sleep,” explains Erik. “In this song I am trying to signify that life is more than just that and we need to give ourselves time to do nothing, so we can assess why we do the things that we do, so we can be happy whilst we are doing it.”

If you want to check out more of his music follow him on Instagram and Facebook as ErikJorsalMusic.

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