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Erin Conley, the creator of the transformative guided meditation to music soundtrack, “Living Miracle Meditation,” is dedicated to empowering her students on their journey of self-discovery. With a nurturing and inclusive approach, she cultivates an environment where individuals can unlock physical and emotional liberation while developing strength, flexibility, and inner peace. Erin’s profound understanding of personal growth stems from her own transformative experiences. Through unwavering commitment, even during moments of reluctance, she has discovered how to embrace her resistance, bringing renewed vitality to forgotten aspects of her being. By sharing these insights, Erin guides her students to embrace discomfort and breathe life into stagnant areas of their lives.

In Erin’s classes, she centers the practice around the breath, infusing them with energy and an adventurous spirit. Her teachings inspire students to tap into their limitless potential and uncover a profound sense of ease through heart-centered presence. Erin’s journey as a teacher began with her studies in Sadhana Yoga at The School Yoga Institute, situated in the breathtaking highlands of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. It was here that she absorbed the principles of the practice and earned her 200-hour certification.

Furthering her expertise, she completed her 300-hour teacher training at ISHTA Yoga in the vibrant metropolis of New York City in March 2013. Over the course of a decade, Erin shared her wisdom and knowledge at renowned yoga studios such as Yoga Vida and Yoga Works, among others, leaving an indelible impact on the New York yoga community.

In addition to her passion for yoga, Erin is a certified aromatherapist through the esteemed New York Institute of Aromatherapy, under the guidance of Amy Galper. This multi-faceted approach to wellness led her to establish The Botanical Perfumery, a visionary brand that facilitates profound connections through immersive plant-centric experiences.

Join Erin Conley on a transformative journey of self-discovery and inner peace through her guided meditation to music, harmonized with the captivating sounds of the “Living Miracle Meditation”. Embrace the opportunity to explore your potential, foster harmony within yourself, and discover the transformative power of Erin’s teachings.


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