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Heavily influenced by storylines, action and superheroes, over time I became captivated by this imagery and always wanted to become a hero myself, hence the name “Fantastic Mr Marcel”. It was during this time I began to express myself in a way that established my individuality and my signature style as an artist.

In October 2009 I recorded my first song, “Made For My Heart”. I wanted to write a story about love, magic and fantasy. “Made For My Heart” is about the creation of my perfect lover and it was during the recording of this song that my hunger was fueled to create more music.

It was then that I started listening to the lyrics in the songs and, in 2002 started writing properly. I remember being in my room, putting on my favorite records and singing until my mum told me to stop making noise.

This is the first volume of my music and is titled “Stop Calling Me Names” Mixtape Vol. 1. I came up with the title, “Stop Calling Me Names”, because I have been called every famous black musician under the sun, most commonly Wil.I.Am. This is my way of shedding these comparisons and expressing myself as an artist and an individual.

Fantastic Mr Marcel is on radio rotation with the tracks “Blood, Sweat, Tears & Gold” and “Build Your Heart A Wall”.


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