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In 2020, Elash and The Sgt. created ‘Fat Bottomed Boys’. In doing so, they took on a massive task: to perpetuate Queen’s legacy through new songs; original compositions in the “royal” family tradition.

They rose to the challenge, and continue to meet it with panache: their three albums, ‘Let’s Do It!’ (2020), ‘Too Much is Not Enough’ (2021) and ‘The King of Rhye’ (2022) are critically acclaimed.

Moreover, they have captured the hearts of fans, seduced by an idea never heard or published before. Their fourth album “Haters Gonna Hate” has just been released on November 24.

Throughout these four albums, ‘Fat Bottomed Boys’ explore rock in all its guises – pop, prog, hard rock, funk, new wave and more – reinventing themselves with each new song.

‘Fat Bottomed Boys’ have had the pleasure of several international collaborations. These include a contribution to the soundtrack for ‘Borrowed Time 3’, a Franco-American film, and producing a full soundtrack for the Australian novel, ‘The King of Rhye’.

Fat Bottomed Boys are on radio rotation with the track “Feeling Happy”.

Socials: @fatbottomedboysmusic

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