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Hailing from the Charlotte Metro area, Fly Weds Bumblebee (FxB) is the brainchild of vocalists Jon Von and Andrew St. James. Formed in 2020, the year of the coronavirus, FxB sets out to prove that no matter what forces may be against you, even a pandemic can’t kill a dream. With the world on its knees and the wind at their backs, FxB looks to change the landscape of what pop music can and should be. Citing influences ranging from Billie Eilish and The Cure to Mayday Parade and Morrissey, FxB’s amalgamation of pop, Goth, and indie is truly something unique. With the bass filled lows of Jon Von paired with the passion filled highs of Andrew St. James adds another dynamic to their style. The promise that FxB will always deliver is to create something unlike anything you’ve heard before.

Fly Weds Bumblebee is on radio rotation with the track “Suffocate Me”.


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