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Listen to the outstanding pieces of music by the proficient artist Gerald Harris. This artist has reached out to many listeners in a short span of time. The thematic and rhythmic flow of the soundscape has mesmerized everyone. The intriguing music and well-versed writing have made his songs even more captivating. He is an independent artist who likes to make music on his own. He single-handedly creates, records, and produces songs. This trait of his has inspired many listeners from all around the world. He experiments a lot while making music and that is why all of his songs are very different from each other.

This Minnesota Music Artist has created a buzz among all music enthusiasts with his soundtracks. He has accumulated a large audience with his opulent creations. He has churned out the authentic taste of the genre. Along with all this, his flawless deliverance makes his song even more charming. Gerald Harris is on radio rotation with the track ‘Never Ever Is Enough’.

Gerald Harris is an established artist in the industry. He has given a large number of songs in his music career. Some of his praiseworthy creations include the tracks ‘If I Ever Wondered Why’, ‘Rise Up’, ‘Let Everthing That Has Breath’, ‘Serving You Is What I Do’, and ‘It’s What He Does’. Every song of his is different from the others and that is what keeps everyone hooked to them.

All these sound designs are available on SoundCloud and YouTube. Visit his profile on this platform to listen to them. Other than that, to know more about this musician and his upcoming projects follow him on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.


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