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Born and raised in Waterloo, Iowa, Hartsel took an interest in music very early on, by way of his father’s extensive music collection. He music influences include a diverse group of singers and styles, from Rufus and Chaka Khan to Dolly Parton, gospel group Commissioned, and ragtime legend Scott Joplin. His music, written and performed with honesty and integrity, has been received and praised across the globe. Although there are many reference points within Hartsel’s work, he remains a singular, special figure in modern R&B and Soul. A sultry delight from start to finish, he successfully creates his own musical universe across his tracks. His unhurried voice conveys passion and emotion with a rich, smoky soulfulness that echoes his influences. He brings a classic touch to contemporary songwriting. However, his style is not just a simple regurgitation of his fabled peers; Hartsel’s delivery feels fresh and new. His pieces unfold at a leisurely pace, regardless of tempo, and never outstay their welcome. Hatsel is on radio rotation with the track ‘You Should Be With Me Tonight’.

Instagram: hartselc.shirley
Twitter: @HartselC

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