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Heidi Richards is a British born, Canadian singer-songwriter based in Windsor, ON. Heidi emigrated to Canada at the age of 3. Since then music has played a major role in her life. Growing up, Sundays were always spent attending church, and singing in the church choir. Then upon returning home, Heidi would spend hours listening to records with her family.  At that time, musical style influences included Blue Beat, Ska, Reggae, Gospel, Country and Rock n Roll.

During high school Heidi became a member of a competitive Jazz Choir, and was immersed in extensive vocal jazz training. There she developed a vocal range spanning baritone to mezzo-soprano. Being in this group not only solidified her passion for singing, it ignited her passion for performance. As a result, she competed across Canada, as well as, performing at the 18th Annual IAJE Conference held in Washington, DC.

Even as an adult, music has never stopped being a part of Heidi’s life. In addition to doing studio session work Heidi has been a member of and sang with numerous bands. Now as a singer-songwriter and solo artist, Heidi is ready to take the stage and share with you her years of experience with vocal styles ranging from the sultry sounds of jazz, to the edginess of rock, to the carefree sounds of pop.

Her voice resonates and evokes emotion in those that hear her.  Through her lyrics and guitar, she bares her soul conveying her most intimate thoughts. Heidi is fully exposed, and makes no apologies for it. Her songs are her life in poetic form and you are invited to get swept away and explore the journey with her.

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