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Jack Gallagher is the producer, songwriter, and singer behind the artist Hvmmingbird. Preferring good music over any particular genre his eclectic taste is conveyed through a unique production style, drawing upon any genre to best serve the song. While a love for brass and a childhood of Led Zeppelin/The Beatles is apparent throughout the full catalogue, the music is modern. His authentic, vulnerable lyrics and vocals tie the sound together with ease. With hundreds of shows under his belt on some of the most infamous stages across the country, Jack is a seasoned musician curating this project with care. With major influences ranging from Kevin Parker and Kendrick Lamar to Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen, Hvmmingbird is a sound that approaches from all sides.

Hvmmingbird is on radio rotation with the track ‘Fever’ (Elvis Presley/Peggy Lee cover). “Much thanks to my parents, I grew up on artists like Peggy Lee and Elvis, who both powerfully interpret the song but I hadn’t heard a modern take,” explained Hvmmingbird. “This cover is a respectful nod to them, while introducing this beautiful classic to people in a new light,” he concluded.

Find out more about the artist on his website: and follow him on social media @hvmmingbird

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