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HVPPY DEVTH is a collaboration of Negative Gain artists and beyond. Inspired by 4AD and This Mortal Coil, HVPPY DEVTH is following the dream of artistic imagination with no boundaries and limitless perspectives. Starting with a cover of ‘Song to the Siren’, this collaboration featuring Bahadir Demiralay (Vocals), Roger Jarvis – Kevorkian Death Cycle, HexRx (Production, Song Writing, Programming), Nabil Kassem – Gentleman Junkie, Kevorkian Death Cycle (Production, Song Writing, Programming, Mixing) and Rob Robinson – Order of the Static Temple, Kevorkian Death Cycle (Mastering) is the beginning of a multitude of releases from some of the best dark electronic artists in the world.

HVPPY DEVTH is on radio rotation with the track ‘Song To the Siren’.


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