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Ain’t no doubt about it – IncognitoDre knows how to put the work in. From the sheer precision of his rap, to the blazing speed he uses – the man’s got a combination of swagger and skill that’s bound to get noticed. However, he’s makin’ the magic happen, clearly the results are coming in strong throughout 2022 so far – not only has he got his latest joint “Boom (Ouu)” circulatin’ the internet and making the rounds online, but he’s been dropping a ton of new music onto the internet this year as he establishes his name in the biz.

From the looks of things, he’s already starting to make a solid impact on listeners all around the globe early on into his career, racking up thousands of hits on tracks like “My Wish,” “Devil In You” and “Gunz N’ Rosez” as IncognitoDre begins to take over the top spots on playlists worldwide. His whole catalog has been released this year – it’s clear that people are paying close attention already, the man’s giving y’all a reason to tune in and turn up.

IncognitoDre is on radio rotation with the track “My Wish”. Connect on Instagram @Incognito_Andre

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