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Known in the musical world as J. Pump, he is not only an independent hip-hop/ rap artist, but also a solo singer and a songwriter based in Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States. He knew I wanted to do music at a young age when he was influenced by rap at the age of 9. During the beginning of his teenage years, he wrote poetry, which quickly turned into rap and hip-hop, as the days went by. Due to the splendid response from his fans, J.Pump decided to pursue a solo career, which later resulted in brilliant pieces of world-renowned music.

After years of hard work and dedication, the artist came up with his latest song “Inside This Place (Our World)”. The song is an ode to the people stuck in bad situations making bad decisions. It is also a reminder of the terrible and horrific incidents, which took place in the past because of the system, which they say they care about, when in fact they probably do not. The song further explores how the system denies caring about individual persons due to the difference in living situations.

This piece of art was very well received by J.Pump’s constantly growing fan base, and within a short period, he was able to reach the hearts of an immense crowd. As a result, within a few years, he was able to achieve Florida’s “Hottest in the State Mixtape” 2nd Place Top 10 on Reverbnation hip-hop/rap charts 2 year running.

J.Pump’s hard work and passionate devotion has led him to become a world renowned sensational musician and a part of the Next TV Management team as of September 2019. He says that he would like work with people who have a unique taste for his creativity, which would ultimately benefit all parties.

J.Pump also makes beats under the alias J.Pumpmusic, available on all major retailers worldwide. Just google ‘j.pumpmusic’ to find all kinds of different beats available for low prices with exclusive or non-exclusive contracts provided after signing.

J.Pump is on radio rotation with the tracks “Inside This Place (Our World)” and “No Punk”.

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