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Jason Smith is on the frontline in a busy hospital. He got Coronavirus at work which left him isolated for 14 days. He said that he could either sit around in bed feeling sorry for himself or relight an interested he had in music back many years ago. “I brushed up on a few courses on YouTube, Cubase and Fruity Loops. Then the addiction of making music started, 40 songs later and the fire is still lighting. I readjusted my bucket list to include breaking into any music chart with 1 song, even if its San Marino’s top 40 chart. I’m not a huge social media person but this will have to change if I’m going to crack San Marino’s top 40 chart.”

Jason Smith is on radio rotation with the track “Corona (Living my Life)”. “The reason I wrote the lyrics and produced the song was someday we will go back to living our lives. It’s an 80’s style song as everybody loves the 80’s. Hope you all enjoy the song and it gives you a happy buzz!

You will find Jason Smith’s songs here
You will find “Corona (Living my Life)” here

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