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JC is an up-and-coming hip-hop/R&B artist hailing from London, England. Writing all of his own lyrics, JC delivers music that will lyrically leave an impact on the listeners. He is a versatile artist that is able to sing or rap and make music of any genre he puts his mind to.

Emerging hip-hop artist JC returns with an uplifting, melodic, and powerful single ‘Way Out’. The UK hip-hop/r&b single features catchy vocals, a driving beat, mesmerizing instrumentation, and an anthemic vocal performance by JC. The driving percussion featured throughout the track adds vibrant energy.

Moreover, ‘Way Out’ radiates an intimate, uplifting vibe. The arrangement of ‘Way Out’ is unique and different from that of other hip-hop/R&B productions giving JC’s voice another level of energy. Moreover, the single spotlights the UK artist’s vocal abilities. Undoubtedly, the single has the ability to impact the listener as it contains a unique style and sound that gives the track an identity.

The powerful production of the single will take the listener into a musical journey. The track has the ability to resonate with any hip-hop aficionado as it has every element to be catchy, memorable, and impactful.

New Smash hit called ‘Way out’ by UK RnB artist JC

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Label Name: AceLux Ent
Instagram: @aceluxent

Produced by: Rich552
Instagram: @5five2

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