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Jo Oliver is an independent Soul-Rock artist with many years of musical experience and the ability to write catchy melodies and combining them with rockin’ hooks and groovin’ rhythms. The US portal put him on the list of “best Soul Rock artists/bands”:

In his 1st release “Shine On (You)” he sings and plays all the instruments, as well as did all the arranging, music producing, mixing & mastering by himself. On Amazon Germany he hit Top 1 of the Download-Charts (category “Soul”, even it is more “Soul-Rock”!).

For many years Jo Oliver had been working for other artists & publishers as a composer/songwriter, arranger, studio musician, music producer, and sound engineer. Now he started doing his “own musical stuff” with all that knowledge and experience behind him!

Jo Oliver is on radio rotation with the track “Shine On (You)”

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