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As a young budding producer/songwriter during the turn of the decade, Joe Padre’s innate ability to compose a truly compelling sound, and convey the triple entendre garnered him regional acclaim amongst West Coast rap enthusiasts.

After a flurry of Joe Padre music hitting the streets in the form of Bboy Mafia Vol. 1-2, Armory Massive Vol. 1-2, SD Streets, and The Legendary project, he opted for sabbatical before commencement of his most current masterwork entitled, Illuciano. This project is the culmination of a decade’s worth of song writing and production, specifically set aside for a much wider audience.

A differentiated display of much more well-rounded abilities: the Illuciano project presents a fresh taste of writing style, performance, production, as well as Dj skill.

The project is currently being recorded throughout various studios in Southern California and Nevada. The first single “Lebrons In Town” dropped June 2020 as fans yearned for the NBA season to get back up and running in spite of the recent suspension due to Covid-19.

As the music industry shies away from the former artist development model, Joe sees himself being able to deliver a more developed audio experience directly to the listener.

As a producer first, Joe’s ultimate goal is to put out a compilation/producer album that parallels the likes of Dr. Dre’s Chronic 2001. For him, this has always been the benchmark for greatness.

Joe Padre is on radio rotation with the track “LeBrons In Town”.

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