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Coming out of the ashes of a life riddled with darkness, pain, and self-destruction, John Grind manages to capture a raw and gritty sound like no other that just exudes charisma and the brutal truth of his life. Starting out as a young musician, pushing through over a decade of drug addiction, the artist that came out the other side is nothing less than inspiring. With shrilling vocals, the kind where you can feel the pain, the love, and the angst, to the creative guitars, blasting drums, and keen melodies, Mr. Grind is all about emotion. It’s about the feelings you have when you listen to it. So many can relate to the words Grind speaks and that’s what ultimately makes it such a cathartic experience.

For all the melancholy and grit that propels John Grind’s music, the man himself is incredibly humble and has a serious dose of humor. He’s sarcastic in all the right ways and charming in all the others. Its this complex person, good hearted, but saddled with guilt from years of spiraling out of control, that’s able to create hit songs like “Numb” and “My Future Son”. What you see is what you get with John Grind; Raw, truthful, unforgiving, and one hell of a songwriter.

John Grind is on radio rotation with the tracks: “Numb” and “They Say”


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