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King EL, born Allah Brown on September 4th, 1985 was raised on Long Island, NY mostly in the Village of Hempstead. EL has always been known by the nickname “EL” due to his middle name being “Elohim” and King is just a title that defines a role.

For EL growing up in Hempstead, NY was an adventure and a life lesson. The adventures of growing up in the hood are the life lessons that EL puts into his music. After your ears are captivated by the melodic keys and heart pounding drums, EL’s effortless tone smoothly delivers thought provoking lyrics that quickly render him an upper echelon MC.

When asked, “Why do you continue to pursue music?” EL answers, “Because it’s the only thing that feels natural. I have 2 kids… so I’ve done it all for money… legal and illegal. “Music makes my soul smile.”

EL is one of the great lyricists of the new generation and prides himself on writing every word he recites. “Ultimately I’m just like any Poet… I just want to be heard.” EL has always been known to be a leader of people and an ultimate hustler. He uses his gift to convey a message of freedom for all those that have a void of freedom.

When asked what success in music looks like he quoted, “A successful music career means I’ve inspired people struggling with doubt, anxiety, depression, fear, and motivation to become self-sufficient in their journey to happiness.”

King EL is on radio rotation with the track “Nice”.

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