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Singer/Songwriter Krys K, recently caught the ears of multi-platinum singer-songwriter Neyo with a song called Let’s Go! He interviewed her personally and debuted her song to his millions of followers. Let’s meet Krys K, is a fierce talent, who isn’t letting anything get in the way of following her dreams of sharing her music with the world.

Krys has performed at countless parties and events like the Alpha Kappa Alpha Debutante Ball, the NAACP Eastern Chapter Banquet, and Pixar Studio’s XV Annual Pacific Voice Conference.

Krys was already a predominately stay at home mother of two toddlers who has been living with a brain tumor for nearly a decade of her life. She hasn’t allowed her physical struggles to affect her determination to share her musical gifts.

Ne-Yo heard one of her songs and immediately shared and interviewed her to his millions of followers on Instagram. Ne-yo is in talks of releasing her single on his own album compilation that will highlight independent artists who could be the next big thing!

“Kiss” is the first single off of her debut album “She is Krys K.  Its currently available on all streaming platforms and for a limited time, listeners can download her song that caught Neyo’s attention for free, by going to


Download Kry’s K’s Single Hosted by Platinum Grammy Winner Neyo FREE

Music Video:



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