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Lessons Learned is not just the name of Lance Hueston’s debut EP, it’s a reflection of his two year long journey self-producing this release. It all started after a band break-up that led to Lance deciding to move to New York to pursue a career opportunity. Shortly after he realized that was not the path for him so he quit the job and took a year long trip across the country in a van. From that trip came many life lessons and intense experiences which influenced the music of Lessons Learned

The release kicks off with the first single Easier Said Than Done, a high energy track that reflects upon experiences of rejection. The opening lyrics state, “You can’t force someone to love you, so why do I keep on trying?” The thought comes to a conclusion in the chorus saying “Now there’s nothing to do but to move on, easier said than done, oh there’s nothing to do but to move on, no.” The track opens and closes with a hard hitting guitar riffs rooted in the blues

The track Dear Sarah is a more relaxed melody driven tune juxtaposed with gritty lyrics about a relationships end. The repeated mantra “You’ve got to burn down the forest so the trees will re-grow” dips in between the foreground and the background until the cut concludes with a long fade

They Come and Go is the sparest and shortest track on Lessons Learned. The song lyrics visit relationships between friends and how they change over time. Underneath the sparse lyrics plays a busy solo lo-fi guitar that executes bluesy runs and riffs.

After the low-key vibe of They Come and Go comes the hard hitting title track Lessons Learned. The high gain guitar carries this tune that features lyrics about ones sanity and the judgment of others which ends with the line of which the title of the EP stems from, “Please don’t act like you’re so concerned that I ain’t writing down my lessons learned”

The release closes with the ballad and second single Julia Says… which was inspired by the song Don’t Let the Kids Win by Australian musician Julia Jacklin. The acoustic centric song is coupled with a clean but jangly electric guitar. The lyrics pose thoughts about aging and how much of the world makes more sense the older you get, but at the same time much of life will always remain perplexing.

Lessons Learned is out February 23, 2018

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