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Lazy Bird is a brand-new artist out of the West Coast with a load of promise. At 18, with education in music production at the Berklee School of Music and acceptance into UO School of Music for Music Technology, Lazy displays a talent for music production and his ear for music. He takes influences from many artists in popular music like Kendrick, Mac Miller, and Joji, as well as lesser-known artists like 619frosty and Monte Booker

“Spaced Out” is Lazy Bird’s first independent album. Consisting of 7 tracks and accompanying music videos. The album defines Lazy Bird’s sound as experimental and innovative. Synths and deep bass elements combined with alternative hip-hop songwriting, gives the album a unique futuristic sound that belongs more in 2044 then the early 20’s.

Lazy Bird is on radio rotation with the track, “Reflection”.



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