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With a melodic sound and pop colors, Luca Sperandío presents his first studio material. His first album called “Confession”. It is a piece of his life and recounts his experiences. Travels, mountains, encounters and heartbreaks, among other moments that the artist invites us to visit. “Confession” is a sincere, warm album. While singing, Luca invites us to share these landscapes that have a lot of emotion, some drama at times and the odd learning experience.

“In the end I am the one who chooses his destiny, in the end I am the one who has the key to meaning.” The album does not skimp on visceral moments. “What if I tell you that I miss you?” It raises in “Confession”, a topic that gives the work its name and is one of the media cuts. Bright climates, with string instruments in front, give way to more intimate and darker songs with the piano playing a leading role, demonstrating the composer’s versatility. Luca Sperandio is on radio rotation with the track “El Regalo”.


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