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The lead track on this album is called ‘Afterparty’. MC Tempo raps about returning to clubs/raves/festivals after covid. This is a party track with a catchy chorus that amalgamates rap music transitioning into drum and bass. The ‘Afterparty’ concept is a double entendre expressing how the ultimate afterparty is not the one at the end of the night, but the one at the end of life.

THE ALBUM KOMMA: MC Tempo’s newest release ‘KOMMA’ takes us on another twist in the journey of the intriguing rap artist. This 1 6 track album is built around 5 core tracks that are Off set against remixes, instrumentals, fillers and acappella’s. The theme of this album comes from its title ‘KOMMA’, the Greek word for party. The unique element of this project is that every song starts as a hip-hop track but transcends into drum & bass by the end of the song! Extreme metaphors, cheeky comments and provocative punchlines all equate to the expert lyricism displayed by MC Tempo as he walks us through the stages Of starting the evening, indulging the excite Of live events and having too much to drink… before reaching the final destination… the ‘Afterparty’.

ARTIST HISTORY : Coming from a broken home in England, MC Tempo (Mark Edwards) was expelled from 4 schools following the divorce Of his parents and the death Of his sister. He started to write aggressive rap songs to express the hurt he was feeling in his heart. He later got in to drugs and into drug dealing to fund the habit. He found himself performing on the underground music scene at 15 years old. He later lost his hearing in his left ear whilst performing at an illegal rave event. Progressing on to staging illegal rave events, he met a Christian who took him to ‘we are Emmanuel church’ in Brighton, UK. It was here where he was prayed for in the name Of Jesus and had his hearing miraculously restored. As a result Of this, he became a Christian and his music naturally followed suit.


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