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Meddie Bloom was born in Germany. He spent the first 17 years of his life there before moving to the USA. He currently resides in Los Angeles. A music obsessive as a child, he always found love in different types of music genres, ranging from classical music all the way to Motown, Disco, Rock and Electronic Dance Music. His musical journey began in the age of 6 as a classically trained guitarist before expanding his sonic palette with few other instruments at a later age. Meddie’s singing journey initially emerged as he occasionally took part in church and school choir activities, and would later on form his own garage band, taking on lead guitar and vocal duties.

Brimming with energy and positivity, Meddie Bloom is ready to present himself to the world with a melody rich style of electronic dance pop music that fuses catchy, heart pounding pop anthems with meaningful and profound lyrics in tasteful fashion. His debut single “Time To Live” was released in May of 2019. It was written and produced by Meddie himself. And the new “Remix” version just got released on August 5th. It was also remixed by Meddie himself.

“Time to Live” is a thunderous, colorful, liberating and uplifting introduction to LA based Producer/Singer/Songwriter Meddie Bloom, and marks his first release ever. The song presents itself to the world with a certain style of EDM Pop that fuses catchy, heart pounding and dramatic melodies with meaningful, encouraging and profound lyrics in blissful fashion. Meddie Bloom’s own powerful and bleeding vocals are leading this tune to be an unabashed sing-along anthem which stomps its way to the catchiest of chorus melodies.

The song “Time to Live” has a few prolific messages: To spread a message of love and oneness, celebrating unity through diversity, to promote the encouragement of self-love by overcoming our fears and self-doubts, and showing unconditional love by helping one another in good and bad times.


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