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O-B-Tom, also known as Tom Burton is a singer-songwriter, musician and artist from Brighton in the UK. Over the span of more than two decades, he has been dedicated to the artform of writing songs inspired by many facets of art, culture, rock, Motown, hip-hop, dub and psychedelia.

O-B-Tom’s single ‘Starsplitter’ marks the latest incarnation of his music making, featuring Stella Gotshtein and Adam Scheflan, who are based in Tel Aviv. This is the first of a series of singles set to be released over the next 12 months.

For more news, O-B-Tom can be followed on Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram. Tom features as one half of the podcasting duo Modern Art is Rubbish.

New single ‘Lily’ releases 16th July on Spotify

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