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He’s Crazier than your pet cat, and a jack of trades who just loves his men, who 3 1/2 years ago, began following his passion to write songs. Turning words from his heart into crazy lyrics and comedic melody, he does all this while being the Vice President of the Helena, Ga based label Turn Up Reckless Music Group, (or T.R.M.G for short), alongside Owner, President, and C.E.O: Yung Jamez.

He does all his own artwork for all his songs, songs which are almost 90% freestyled, and he’s been recording music for 4 years as of 10/21/2019. It is rumored that he’s been working in music since he was 3, but we haven’t contacted Ol Boonie to confirm this.

Ol Boonie is on radio rotation with the tracks “Firestarter” and “Ride”.


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