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On Ithenfal’s Wing is a progressive / alternative rock band / artist with certain metal / doom / goth qualities from South Florida. Debut and semi-concept album, Key to Then as well as follow-up concept album, A Fine Light Snow, are out now.Key to Then is a complex and mighty album that presents listeners with a vast array of ideas, stories, melodies and emotions.

The band’s sound is unique to their own artistry, and this is consistently true – from the haunting ambiance of Once Beneath a Peaceful Moon, right through to the finishing moments – they have their approach to creativity, and you quickly begin to recognize it.

The album takes you through a journey of time and leaves you questioning the year. The title track is a 7-minute marathon courtesy of a nostalgic and talented artist from Florida influenced by bands such as Radiohead, Pink Floyd, The Cure, Metallica, Opeth and Iron Maiden.

On Ithenfal’s Wing follow on from their mighty album Key To Then with an astonishingly creative, emotional new album — A Fine Light Snow, the second one in a trilogy. Both follow the state of mind of a mystical being, Ithenfal, just days before death from terminal illness / uncompromising causes.

A little over a year ago the band’s sound first came to our attention, and now – an entirely new collection of songs make for a thoughtful and provocative new journey.
Travel back in time and experience another world through Key to Then and A Fine Light Snow.

On Ithenfal’s Wing is on radio rotation with the tracks – “Once Beneath a Peaceful Moon” and “Freedom”.

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