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Phineas Blood is a New England Area Indie Pop/Rock Band. Singer/Songwriter J.Hayes, Jeb Boyle, and Michelle O’Brien are the core of the band, with several talented guest musicians. Three Singles have been released and a full album is coming soon. Phineas Blood is on radio rotation with the track, “Watch Me Burn”.

J. Hayes’ vocal delivery on the song, ‘Watch Me Burn’ is disarmingly straightforward, yet enchantingly tuneful, thus never feeling gimmicky. The organic drive of the backdrop is a perfect window-dressing for the group’s inherent hooks and melodies, and enhances the listening experience, giving the track a loose, unforced and natural charm. What makes Phineas Blood a truly great indie band (rather than just a good one) is the quality of their songs.

“I stole a pearl. You said you’d never tell. And that you’d never say a word. But it’s lost its shine. It doesn’t sparkle here. When you’re not mine. And if the sun explodes. And burns the world. I’ll make a lovely fire. Watch me burn,” sings J. Hayes, unfolding all the poetic sorcery of Phineas Blood’s astute lyrical canon.


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