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ReThinK-ReNeW-ReRocK EverythinG as the catchphrase for Karese a.k.a ReRocK100. A new artist now residing in the DFW Texas area. Born in Chicago, lived in St.Louis & on to the next. As a song writer, solo artist & former member of a St. Louis Hip-Hop collective ‘Point Blank’ featuring Short Sleeve & C-Playa.

ReRocK100 has had one of the most mysterious, interesting, complicated upbringings amongst a few. In & out, back & forth from city to city with a split unorthodox family structure. Raised by a single mother working multiple jobs at times to make ends meet.

ReRocK100 has been making music & performing shows since early 2000s. ReRocK appeals to all people of all ages, social class & background. He states it’s important for him to reach all & not be focused or directed to one lane. ReRocK100 is a voice of reason addressing global issues, relationships, poverty & creating music that often makes you think. Come along & enjoy the experience as ReRocK100 takes us further than we can see.

ReRocK100 is on radio rotation with the track “RUSH”.

Connect with ReRocK100 and his music:

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