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Robert Boog is an amateur songwriter who lives one hour north of the city of the angels (Los Angeles, CA). He went to school at UCLA, where he majored in English. He likes to write and has written a couple of books. Boog doesn’t play a musical instrument and can’t sing either (by his own admission). Luckily, people who can sing and play music seem to find him, “so the songs come out sounding okay”, he says.

Currently Robert Boog is on radio rotation with two songs he wrote in collaboration with other artists. The first song is called “Hashtag” which is sung by Uri. In this song Boog mixed country with hip-hop. Oddly enough, he says that people tell him they like the rap part in this song the best. The second song is called “Wait for You” and it’s a love song about a dog. It’s sung by Chris Davidson and has gotten over 15k views on YouTube.


YouTube videos:
“Hashtag” is on the Blindspot album which can be found here:
“Calling” is a single which can be found here:

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