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Ruby Dice is an American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has been steadily gaining recognition for her electrifying, genre-defying sound that incorporates elements of soul, blues, and pop. Returning with her brand-new single ‘Move On Cowboy’, the feisty offering comes alongside her 10-track debut album, Not In Love, slated for release on September 29, 2023.

With a lighthearted production, ‘Move On Cowboy’ reflects a genre mashup of Americana and country. The track is about a man who insisted on dancing after she exited the stage and wouldn’t accept her refusal. At the finishing school, she cut this song with Gordy Quist handling the production. Speaking on the track, Ruby Dice mentions, “‘Move on Cowboy’ is a song about standing your ground when someone is being a bully and doing it in a witty way.”

When the global pandemic of COVID-19 struck and traveling ceased, Ruby Dice, devoted herself entirely to her music. She was able to give writing her undivided attention attempting to express life via words and music. After a year and a half of composing, she was ready to create an album. Who better to produce Dice’s debut album, Not In Love, than Gordy Quist, who picked members of his own band (Band Of Heathens) as the backing band along with the songstress’ band members. The love story that the record opens with and ends in a breakup. The songs are about her personal life and her relationship with her guitarist, Calloway Ritch. “The storyline of this album is more about learning to love oneself through the process and how to love each other in difficult times than it is about learning to love others.”

The soulful rock n’ roll debut album from Ruby Dice is a reflection of love and heartbreak as well as the experiences and lessons that come with it over the 10 tracks. The storyline details a decade-long journey through the songstress’ life. Highlighting the ups and downs of a full-time musician. Love and chaos. Mixing catchy melodies with grooves that will make any listener want to dance. She welcomes this full-length enthusiastically as she further demonstrates her natural abilities and professional development in the music business. “This record is a journey of self-discovery through love and chaos,” she comments on the album.

TRACKLIST : Move on Cowboy , Downtown, Whiskey and Gin, Happened Again, Let’s Get Married, True Love’s Overrated, Party Purgatory, Not in Love, We’ll be Ok, Forget Your Happy Endings. 


Ruby Dice is a Colorado native who currently resides in Texas and has been performing music for as long as she can remember. At the age of 22, she relocated to Texas to pursue a career in music after beginning her musical career in her family’s church band. She has accumulated musical experience over the years by playing bass in a variety of bands, developing as a songwriter, and winning the respect she merits for her musical abilities. She started performing all over the country at this time, sharing stages with artists like Brian Wilson, Dale Watson, and many others.

After the global COVID-19 pandemic hit, Ruby Dice began to concentrate on her musical career. She started writing the songs for her debut album, Not In Love, which is scheduled to be released on September 29, 2023, while working with musicians like Gordy Quist from the Band of Heathens. Writing deeply personal songs about the ups and downs of her relationship with her guitarist and former fiancé Calloway Ritch, it’s an exploration of love and heartbreak all wrapped up into one album.

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