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Seth Hilary Jackson is an American singer-songwriter with an emphasis on songwriting. His style is a unique signature sound that defies genre and might be described as classic rock with a dash of country and a hint of pop. With song ranging from serious to sad to silly and covering topics from relationships to mental health to politics, he hopes to inspire listeners to embrace the struggle, savor the joy, and keep moving forward. His dream is that his music will be a positive force in the world.

Having spent decades behind the scenes writing songs for licensing to other artists and media, Seth began releasing songs on his own in 2017 at the ripe young age of 62. After working with Los Angeles producer Kevin Fisher on his debut album, Seth relocated to the New York area, took up music production, and has turned his project into a completely DIY operation.

Seth’s songs have been recorded by dozens of artists and have been featured in film and TV. Several it into the European Country Music Association charts where his song, “Wait ‘till I Get My Hands on You”, hit the number 1 spot. His song, “Oh, My Badness” landed a spot on the album “Country Inside” by Austrian band Rhythm 4 Boots, which was named County Album of the Year in their home country. He’s been highlighted in American Songwriter magazine and was tje Los Angeles Regional Coordinator for the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI).

One of Seth’s greatest honors was receiving Presidential invitation to the White House for his song “Pfc Ross A. McGinnis”, a tribute to a war hero who sacrificed his life to save his friends. The song was performed at the soldier’s Medal of Honor ceremony reception.

As a 10-year old in the ‘60s Seth’s life changed the day he saw The Beatles make their storied debut on the Ed Sullivan Show. He later fell in love with rockers such as the Doors, The Who, and  Jethro Tull as well as mellower artists like Carole King, CSNY, and James Taylor. His life changed again when he walked into a 1973 Grateful Dead concert, and he has been a “Deadhead” ever since.

Seth was a late bloomer as a musician. He bought his first guitar as a junior in college and didn’t write his first song until his final semester while studying for his MBA at the Wharton School. The very second song he wrote received airplay on WAAF-FM in the Boston area. After 5 years as a trapezoid peg in a corporate sea of round holes, Seth packed up and moved to California to study songwriting at the Grove School of Music. Seth Hilary Jackson is on radio rotation with the track ‘Throwing Good Love After Bad Blood’.


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