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“They could scare the crap (out) of every other indie rock band in the city, buzzing with punk attitude and vocals crossing between savage and intimidating. They’re probably much cooler than you, too, and deserve to be.” – Eric Alper

“LO” is the brand new full-length LP by Toronto, Canada’s Spectre Hearts. It is an alternative rock record written, performed, and produced by Zaddi Pesino and mastered by Chuck Carvalho.

“LO” is an exploration in alternative rock, indie rock, post-punk, blues, and dance-punk. The album tells a story about a soul who enters the world naive and idealistic but through self-reflection and experience learns to incorporate his shadow in order to become a complete individual.

Spectre Hearts is the solo project of Toronto-based musician Zaddi Pesino. The music is an amalgamation of catchy, deftly-crafted pop and edgy, angular alternative rock.

Spectre Hearts is on radio rotation with the tracks: “As We Go” and “Libido”.

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