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Stellan Perrick is a dark-pop, indie, alternative and experimental artist based in Germany. He started making music in the year 2016 and found his love for music ever since. Although he began his journey making electronic beats and songs, he mainly produced for himself and other artists he met along the way. Eventually, Stellan started singing and found a way of using his multiple voices in songs and other features, which led to him writing lyrics as well.

All rounded in terms of producing, writing and singing, Stellan taught himself everything he knows so far, but it has taken some serious work. The main drive is his passion for music, his uniqueness being creativity and versatility, experiment with all genres, mixing stuff to make something interesting, attention grabbing, anything that sparks excitement. His influences are varied, however, the main ones are Micheal Jackson and Prince.

“Golden Baby”, Stellan’s debut single was released in 2022. The dark pop, indie track reached brazil’s most downloaded platform (Palco mp3) chart straight to number 1 in the pop genre, Including Stellan as the top international artist. Before that success, he made a lot of music which are now a mix of half- produced, incomplete and complete tracks, all of which are unreleased.

It has received very positive feedback by industry professionals which includes Billboard co-writers and A&R (Daniel Frazier – Entertainment Weekly, Robal Johnson-A&R scout, Hugh McIntyre – Journalist written for Forbes, Huffington Post, MTV, Billboard, Mic) just to name a few. The positive reactions have been continuously coming up like this also in feature articles of BuzzMusic, RGM introducing, Sinusoidal music, Alchemical records, and roadie mag, just to name a few. Stellan Perrick is on radio rotation with the track, “Naughty”.

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