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After recently releasing their eagerly awaited new concept album ‘It’s A Dry Heat Ayyyye!’ at the beginning of August, Australian outfit Steve Hensby Band are now looking to showcase their latest collection with the smooth and breezy new offering ‘Righteous St’. Capturing the warm and uplifting texture that their latest LP is all about, ‘Righteous St’ stands as one of the more hip-shaking offerings from their newest collection. Blending classic soul grooves, a psychedelic energy, and bouncing rhythms throughout, they are establishing themselves as a wonderfully fun and fresh name with this one. Speaking about ‘Righteous St’, they describe it as, “a bouncy/danceable number that takes a cheeky look at organised religion”.

Steve Hensby Band are splitting at the seams with an assault to the musical senses with elements of funk, soul, ska, world, a sprinkle of psychedelia and a dash of folk. The 9-piece ensemble are regulars on the Western Australian festival circuit and feature a healthy sized horn section.

In August 2022 ‘It’s a Dry Heat Ayyyye!!’ a concept album about Perth WA was launched which featured the single ‘Jamtown in Mukinbudin’ ft.. General Justice. ‘It’s a Dry Heat Ayyye!!!’ is a concept album about…………… (drumroll)………………… a post-apocalyptic world, the only place left on Earth with life is Perth Western Australia that has formed its own ecosystem based around mining and partying.

Musically very much based around funk/soul/grooves with a few twists and turns along the way and focused on the wonderful horn section. The album has already received international radio plays, which is quite timely as the band are heading to the UK for their third tour in Dec/Jan 2022/2023.

2020 saw the release of their third album ‘Modern Music For Modern People’ to rave reviews, both national (Triple J) and international radio play, and busy dance floors at live shows. ‘Modern Music For Modern People’ is a concept album about Mista Twista and his interactions in the world in 2020. He is a quirky man who enjoys the quiet life working in his barbershop and has brilliant stories to tell of his adventures and travels.

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