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The Glacial Drift comes from a progressive rock background. After struggling to maintain a consistently complete lineup, 3 members decided to strip things down and steer away from a clear prog-rock vibe and use more electronic instrumentation. “Machina” is created from samples taken from jam sessions and vocalizations to form a choppy yet melodic foundation to the conceptual lyrics describing a digital existence unprotected from humanity’s destructive ways.

The Glacial Drift are influenced by The Mars Volta, Phantogram, Secret Chiefs 3 amongst many others. Evolving from a more pure progressive rock style to incorporating electronic instrumentation, they tapped into their improv recording sessions to shape and mold granular synthesized samples, converted guitar and bass lines to dirty and unique synth lines, and layered the lyrics to weave in and out telling a story of our digitally enhanced existence.

The Glacial Drift is on radio rotation with the track “Machina”.


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