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The Hangovers are a Psychedelic Rock college band based out of Decatur IL. Check out our newest EP “Planet Hangover”! Now live on all Streaming platforms.
When you are bored as hell at home in quarantine – give us a listen 😉
To help with those affected by COVID-19, we have set up a free download of our EP with a donation for COVID-19 Relief in the link below. Donate as much as you can and you will be emailed a download code within 24 hours- much love- the hangovers ❣️❣️

The Hangovers are on radio rotation with the track “Trance”

1 thought on “The Hangovers – “Trance”

  1. This song is outstanding. It takes you on a journey, building along the way, showing the versatility and talent this young group has to offer. I liken the song to driving a car with a manual transmission, with each shift of the gears ratcheting the song up a notch, ultimately taking you not from 0-60 but from 0-150! And don’t stop with just this track; check out the entire EP!

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